Small business based out of Independence, KY serving the Tri-state area


  • Plumbing projects (small and simple to large)

  • Water heaters (standard and tankless)

  • Sump pumps (Standard and Battery backup)         
  • Various small electric projects

  •  Small project concrete work

  •  Residential, Apts & rental property maintenance

  • Power washing decks and residential housing (siding, decks sidewalks, etc.)
  • Deck maintenance
  • Non- toxic, food grade epoxy flooring on any floor
  • Yearly Maintenace on Tankless, electric and gas water heaters.
  • Painting
  • Full house cleaning  

*Guaranteed lowest price on water heaters, sump pumps & faucets

If there is a job, we cannot do, you will know from the prescreened calls.

If we can't do the job, we will recommend another company that is reputable and holds their ethics as ours.